Welcome to my new blog

Welcome to my new blog!

I don’t know about you, but I like change. Change is good, when it’s for the better. Keeping that in mind, I’m announcing a new focus for my blog. Natural hair in the media!

This is an interesting topic that I don’t think many people are exploring. One day recently, I picked up a magazine and noticed a McDonald’s advertisement with a beautiful natural featured. I was so excited to see it. Once I saw that, I started noticing more and more ads with naturals in them.

So, this leads me to my change and evolution.  I am going to start small and make my way towards bigger things. For now, I will begin by showcasing online and magazine advertisements that feature naturals. If you see a similar advertisement, take a picture and share it, or send me a link!

I’m going to start with an advertisement that just popped up while I was listening to my Mint Condition radio station on Pandora. Here is a Hillshire Farms advertisement featuring a beautiful brown-skinned natural! Rock on, Naturals!


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