A Quick Recap of all the advertisements I’ve found

My inner evaluator and sociologist are calling out to me. Kicking and screaming, they’re telling me, “SUMMARIZE! SYNTHESIZE!”

I’m giving in. I want to provide a quick summary of the magazines/online websites where I have found advertisements with natural hair since I began this blog in early July. I’ll put them in order from largest number of ads to smallest number:
1. Essence
2. Sister 2 Sister
3. Black Hair
4. Cosmopolitan
5. Divascribe
6. Pandora
7. Netflix*
8. Black Entrepreneur
9. British Vogue
*Netflix, British Vogue, and Black Entrepreneur each had one advertisement

Types of products/services
1. Beauty
2. Liquor
3. Cars
4. Food
5. Jewelry*
6. Banking
7. Lodging
8. Credit Card Debt
9. Smoking

Numbers 5-8 were all tied for last


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