Chase What Matters Commercial

While watching Rizzoli & Isles on, I saw a commercial for Chase Bank. The commercial begins by showing a race car driver and his pit crew at the Chase ATM. While the driver is taking out money, the pit crew changes his tires, checks his oil, and whatever else a pit crew does. The scene then changes to a woman with natural hair, walking up to the ATM after the race car driver is through.

Source and copyright of Chase.


4 thoughts on “Chase What Matters Commercial

  1. OMG…its funny how me and my twin sister (which are both natural 2 yrs in Sept) was just watching the TV show Snapped, and every other commercial we saw was of a African American woman with natural hair.

    Progressive Insurance
    Time Warner Cable – Career Day
    Slim Fast
    & A few more

    For some reason I decided to see if anyone had a site or blog about AA women with natural hair in the media. Low and behold here it is. I myself believe that wearing my hair in its natural state is a beautiful thing and it has truly changed my life. I am also loving the fact that the media is embracing it as well. It’s so funny how before I was natural I never looked twice at someone with natural hair (meaning never noticing it), Now that I am part of this particular hair community. I see it everywhere.

    I love the blog

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by! Congrats on your 2 years natural. I’m so glad you decided to search for natural hair in the media. It’s so funny. I’ve been natural for 7 years now, and the number of ads, commercials, etc with women that have natural hair seem to be growing. Like you, I think once I went natural, I took more notice of women with natural hair. Living in Atlanta, there are very few places I go now where I don’t see a woman with natural hair.

    I appreciate the list of commercials you saw. I’m going to see if I can find what you were talking about. I’m always looking for more ads with natural hair.

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