JCPenny Big as it gets sale – Advertisement

Listening to Pandora, I came across this advertisement.

Copyright of JCPenny

I found myself squinting closely at the model to try and determine whether she is natural or not. At the end of the day, I decided that yes, she is naturally curly. Although her texture may not be as tightly coiled as mine, she is still natural. This brings me back to a question I posed earlier. Can only African American women be natural? Or can bi-racial women with curly hair be considered natural, too?


3 thoughts on “JCPenny Big as it gets sale – Advertisement

  1. I think biracial can be considered natural too. They also often get relaxers, especially if their mother has a looser texture.

    • I tend to agree as well. I don’t know how often that’s put into practice, though. I think that people typically think of natural women as black women who do not relax their hair. I did as well, until recently.

  2. I agree with Nadia. I know bi-racial children who get relaxers and others who do not. I haven’t seen a Jcpenney add in a while.

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