Converse at Target Advertisement

Target and Converse have teamed up to create One Star, a new line for men and women, exclusively at Target. This advertisement popped up on my screen while I was listening to Pandora.

Maybe the tagline “made to be mixed” is not a double entendre for the couple in the advertisement, maybe it is. Who am I to say?

But I must say, I’m loving her big, fluffy natural hair!

Much to my surprise, I found even more Target Converse One Star advertisements with naturals. There was a woman rocking her big, beautiful hair, and a man.

Now, I may delve into men and natural hair in another blog post, but I must pose this question….is there a double standard for men who have long, natural hair? Meaning, are they treated differently, judged too quickly? I’m still toying with this idea….but when I think back to Nivea for Men’s “Re-Civilize Yourself” Campaign debacle, that seems like cause for pause.


4 thoughts on “Converse at Target Advertisement

  1. I definitely think natural men get judged a bit by their natural hair too. Length is a big issue such as how “messy” or “natural” it looks. That is true in my personal experience anyway.

  2. Interesting. I have to admit. It was only after critically thinking about the Nivea advertisement and reading your post on Curlynikki that I started to wonder about how men with longer hair are treated. I was disappointed by the reaction of some, to say the least. And got to thinking about men who grow their out. Does the acceptance depend on the style? i.e. locs versus afro? I’m not sure. What do you think?

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