Tomiko Fraser Hines and Gain

A few days ago, I shared a Gain commercial with you featuring model Tomiko Fraser Hines.

Here are 2 screenshots from the commercial:

When I posted this commercial, and shared it on Twitter, I never in my wildest dreams thought that Tomiko would check out my post or even comment on it!

But she did, and her message is this:
Hello. My name is Tomiko Fraser Hines and I am the actress featured in this Gain commercial. First, thank you so much to “Natural Hair In The Media” for writing this article. I have been floored by the amount of attention and support I’ve been receiving from the natural hair community because of this commercial. I do hope that you and your readers will let Gain know just how much you appreciate seeing women of color/women with natural hair featured in their ads. I think it’s important they know that by seeing ourselves represented in their ads means more than they probably realize. You can leave comments on Gain’s Facebook page – And feel free to give me a shout out there too. : )

I’d also like to invite your readers to “like” my page on Facebook ( and to follow me on Twitter ( I post inspirational messages and much more on both sites.

Let’s do just that. Share this post with your friends, like her on Facebook, follow her on Twitter, and leave comments on Gain’s Facebook page.
Let’s make our voice heard!


7 thoughts on “Tomiko Fraser Hines and Gain

  1. I love this commercial. At first I didn’t notice what the commercial was implying, honestly. Then when I got it I was like, Go ‘head!! lol
    By the way, This is Nia formerly of AfroTweetMe. I moved to WP and changed my blog to Can you update the other post you have about the Mac ad when you get a chance? Thanks girl!

    • Same here. I thought I was imagining things! Then I watched it again, and was like, “Whoa! Wait a minute. They’re talking about natural hair!” And then I immediately began typing about the commercial. LOL!

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