Things Every Natural Hair Blogger/Vlogger Should Know – Part 2: “Oh, no she didn’t”

Now, for part 2 of the series: Things every natural hair blogger/vlogger should know. *Drumroll, please*.

Problem #3: When natural hair bloggers/vloggers bite your style.

Example: I like to stay on top of conversations around the internet about natural hair advertisements and commercials. So, I google “natural hair & advertisements” and “natural hair & commercials” often. Much to my surprise, I came across a blog that had eerily similar pictures to mine. Let me be honest. *sigh* They were identical screen shots of commercials and advertisements that I’ve found. Nowhere on this blog were there photo credits or source attributions.

Oh. No. She. Didn’t.

Source: YouTube

Honestly, I spend hours searching for advertisements and commercials, and to not get credit was shocking.

I’m not naive. I get it. People can be inspired by others. My problem is when inspiration crosses the line to imitation. If you’re taking ideas and pictures from blogs, give them credit. Spread the love! They’ll appreciate you for it, and it’ll make you a better, more responsible blogger.

Problem #4 When bloggers and vloggers ignore their readers/subscribers!

Example: Maybe it’s happened to you. You found a fierce natural hair style or great product review on someone’s blog, YouTube page, or other site. You just had to reach out to the original poster and ask a question, or show your appreciation. You waited, for days and days, for the blogger/vlogger to respond. But they never did. Disappointed, you went to another blog where that blogger is good about getting back to their readers.

Here’s the problem. Readers and subscribers are what drive traffic (and perhaps revenue) to your site. Granted, sometimes a response is not necessary. If someone says, “Oh, great post. I really liked that hairstyle”, is it necessary to respond? Probably not. But if someone asks you a direct question, say, “What kind of advice can you give me about combatting split ends?” in response to a post about maintaining length, you should respond. If you’ve already written a post about that, then kindly direct them to that post. But not responding to your reader comments/questions doesn’t make for good blogging.

<Remember, your readers look to you for information. Take the time to respond!

Check back for more!


4 thoughts on “Things Every Natural Hair Blogger/Vlogger Should Know – Part 2: “Oh, no she didn’t”

  1. Thank you, Derby City Naturals. I appreciate it! I routinely check out your blog through tag surfer, and confess to being a lurker. I’ll make sure to follow you now. 🙂

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