Mondays Around the Web – Clutch Magazine

Today’s Mondays Around the Web feature comes from Clutch Magazine. In a post dating back to October 2011, author Britni Danielle asks, “Black Women in Advertising, Can Companies Get It Right?” Here’s a snippet:

I was purusing the advertising blog Kiss My Black Ads when I saw this poignant image from artist Alexandra Dal.

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Now, given that my entire blog is dedicated to advertisements and commercials featuring naturals, I will say that there’s some truth to this image. A lot of the commercials and advertisements do feature black women with natural hair in the background (in a non-speaking role). At the same time, I have found other examples of women with natural hair who are leading actors: think Target, Gain, and And that’s just what I’ve found in this month!

What do ya’ll think? Is there a stereotypical black female role depicted in advertising?

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