Dead Prez song celebrates natural hair

Lately, natural hair is a topic of conversation among many. Whether it be from YouTube videos, blogs, newspaper articles, magazine advertisements, and television commercials, natural hair is getting major play in the media. Recent years have brought many well-publicized statements about natural hair, from Method Man’s statement that he doesn’t like natural hair to Dead Prez’s “Beauty Within” video, we are ♬giving them something to talk about ♬

In celebration of natural hair, I present to you……Dead Prez’s 2010 release of The Beauty Within.

Dedicated, not to America’s top model…
But to the natural girls right next door
..How they say in avatar…I see you.

[Verse 1]

This Hollywood world so pretentious
Every other girl got a perm or extensions.
But you dont even really wear lipstick
Still your beauty is a natural mystic.
Indigenous strong cheek bones from your lineage
Not what the mainstream image is,
Natural hair is your heritage,
But to see it without chemicals is rare as the pyramids.
I was coming from the gym again
Bumping 2Pac never call you bitch again.
She crossed the street melanin glistening.
Felt the energy, something about you so interesting.
The prototype eve from genesis.
Ghetto empress Nefertitti resemblance.
So sweet, so street, and genuine
Real black girl I salute your existence.
I could see us just kickin it.
Buildin an intimate friendship more than just hittin it.
Down to earth like greens and corn bread.
She dont need no weaves or contacts.
Not judging other girls that got that,
Im just sayin you the truth, never doubt that…
Cuz you got that.

Beauty’s within, not just on the surface.
The skin that you’re in,
you’re already perfect.
They got nothing on you baby.
Nothin on you baby
Beautiful girls come in all types of flavors.
When you love yourself, its always gon be haters.
They got nothin on you baby
Just keep doin you baby.

[Verse 2]
This is going out to my African queen
Dark skin, light skin, everything between
Lookin so good when you step up on the scene
Smelling so sweet, so fresh, and so clean
Even though we don’t see you on the flat screen
Aint no doubt about what you got in them jeans
I dont mean denim its your family tree
Yea its all about red, black, and that green
For Chianisa, and Falina, and for all the pretty little girls
Goin out to my Mama, my favorite woman
And for all the women in the world
No they dont love you on the radio
And they try to play you in the video
But you so beautiful and natural….oh…ooh..


Source*: Lyrics VIP

*some modifications to grammar were made


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