Look, but do not touch, my awesome fro – Article in Winnipeg Free Press

A fitting title for a growing phenomenon: “Look, but do not touch, my awesome fro”. What you may or may not say when someone lays hands on your natural hair. It may be your co-worker, your classmate, your next-door neighbor, or that extra friendly TSA agent. Chances are, if you are a natural with locs of envy, someone has asked (or tried) to touch your hair. Like many over the holiday season, my hair (and body) were searched by a very thorough TSA agent.

In this article in the Winnipeg Free Press, Winnipeg personality and comedian Aisha Alfa writes about her experiences since going natural a little over a year ago.
Source: Winnipeg Free Press

She went through what she calls 4 Afro stages: 1) Afro in disguise, 2) Washed up ’80s rocker, 3) The wild afro, and 4) The glorious Afro.

Here is the article. Read on to hear the funny comments she got during each stage.


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