Ebony Speak Series on Hair

Who would have thought that I would be making back-to-back posts on content from Ebony magazine? I sure didn’t, not back when I started this blog.

Today’s post is on Ebony magazine’s inaugural series about women and hair. Featuring a panel of hair and fashion bloggers, the series will discuss natural and permed hair, and probably everything in between. The first installment of the series features Leola Anifowoshe of Pi Nappa Kappa (natural hair sorority), Jessica Andrews of The Glamazons, Andrea Arterbery of The Glamazons, Felicia Walker Benson of This That Beauty, Imani Dawson of Tribe Called Curl, and Gia Lowe of Curly Girl Collective. The ladies are led by Ebony.com style editor Geneva S. Thomas in a discussion on whether natural hair is political, men and natural hair, and lots of other topics.

Let me tell you what I really appreciate about this first part in the series. There is disagreement among the women on a few things, like whether or not being natural is a journey/political statement. We all don’t have to agree. I think diverse viewpoints can make people stretch their minds, which can prompt growth. I also really like that they included natural hair bloggers (hint:hint Essence) in this conversation.

As far as the random quotes from men on the street, eh *shrugs shoulders*. Take old dude that said “a weave in disarray is better than a nappy Fro, any day”. First of all, I may not agree with him but I can’t fault him for being bold. Second of all, how long did it take him to come up with that little ditty? I hope he wasn’t sitting at home in front of the mirror saying “All I need is one mic” circa Nas 2002. “Yeah, this ish is fire”. *side eye*.

The panel’s conversation did make me stop and realize that women aren’t the only ones that have been conditioned to view natural hair in a certain way. Men have been, too. I guess I would have liked to see the comments from the men incorporated more into the discussion.

I’d just like to hear one man articulate why natural hair is unattractive. To me, beauty is beauty regardless of whether you have a perm or not.

Personally, I’m excited about this series and really want to hear part 2 on the controversy behind PI Nappa Kappa and the lack of straight hair bloggers. Watch Part 1 here.

But what about you? Will you be tuning in to watch?

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