Ebony Article “Loc’d Out: Has the Style Lost Its Luster”

Source: Youtube Chescalocs

So…I found an interesting article on Ebony.com today. Posted yesterday, the article’s author poses the question: “have locs lost their luster”? Author Kimberly Walker, Ebony Contributing Beauty Expert, talks about the shine, attention, and popularity of what I call “loose” natural hair. But how many popular blogs and bloggers that have been catapulted into natural hair celebrity status have locs? It’s a good question. There aren’t many that I know. But I can think of one whom I love: Chesca Locs.

Source: Ebony

Chances are, if you’re into neo soul/r&b (and according to natural hair stereotypes, all naturalistas are), you’ve heard of Ledisi. Now, her locs are F.A.B. fabulous!
And her locs seriously make me consider it. But here’s Walker’s guess as to why locs are less popular: “Seems like our bonded sistas don’t get as much shine because of the style supposedly lacks versatility. With a movement fascinated solely with kinks, curls and waves, locs don’t necessarily give Black women the texture and pattern pass needed to thrive as a natural gal. Requiring less maintenance and stricter ingredients has also given popular product lines an easy out to exclude the needs of loc’d women”.

What do you think? Are locs less popular or visible than loose natural hair? If so, why?

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