Ebony Speak Series on Hair – Part 2

Now…..for Part 2 of the Ebony Speak! Hair “Still the Ultimate Black Girl Divide” Series.

With the same panel as Part 1, host and Ebony.com style editor Geneva S. Thomas led Leola Anifowoshe of Pi Nappa Kappa (natural hair sorority), Jessica Andrews of The Glamazons, Andrea Arterbery of The Glamazons, Felicia Walker Benson of This That Beauty, Imani Dawson of Tribe Called Curl, and Gia Lowe of Curly Girl Collective in a continuing discussion. This week, the conversation centered around the class dynamics of natural hair, lack of straight hair bloggers, and the controversy surrounding Pi Nappa Kappa sorority (natural hair sorority).

Here’s what I liked about Part 2. The panel talked about the stereotypes of natural hair and relaxed hair, and how they were associated with a hierarchy based on class. The host posed the question if these divisions still exist today. Generally, panelists seemed to agree that straight hair is not associated with upper class anymore. Nowadays, it seems that women with natural hair fall into certain categories. Like boho chic, afrocentric, etc.

As far as the random quote from one woman about the natural hair sorority, again, *shrugs shoulders*. If she feels that PI Nappa Kappa is not a sorority in the traditional sense, then that’s fine. I think that in getting opinions from random people, Ebony should provide a balanced view (i.e. talk to someone else besides the founder who supports or understands the natural hair sorority). But, the founder of the sorority, Leola Anifowoshe, describes Pi Nappa Kappa as a hybrid in that they are not a traditional sorority.

Like I’ve talked about in other places, one of the reasons the panelists believe there are few straight hair bloggers is because natural hair resources were (and may still be) limited.

Watch Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

What do you think of the series? Is it a refreshing conversation or is it a recycled debate? 

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