Sister 2 Sister Magazine and Sofn’free Hair Survey

Either the results from a recent survey on hair weren’t well-publicized or not that many natural hair bloggers/vloggers read Sister 2 Sister magazine. I’m not sure which one is true (*shrugs*), but Sister 2 Sister and Sofn’free recently teamed up to create a survey on natural and permed hair.

Now, you know… the sociologist in me was intrigued. I can’t help it. I love research and data. A survey on hair? What could be better? But….back to the point. If this survey flew under your radar, let me break it down for you.

Background Information:

The Hair Attitude Survey was given online between August and September 2011. Almost 700 women responded to the survey, and self-identified as black or bi-racial.  The company that tabulated the responses and reported the results was the marketing research firm Moore & Symons.

Survey Content:

The women were asked questions about satisfaction with their hair, importance of hair, concerns about their hair, and preferences for and opinions of relaxed/natural hair.

Results of Survey:

Of the 700 female respondents, about half were natural and the other were relaxed. The results were reported for all respondents and by sub-group (natural women and relaxed women). There were some interesting results. I’ll only highlight a few of the points.

  • 80 percent of naturals typically read hair-care ingredients, while 67 percent of relaxed women do.
  • Naturals and relaxed women both reported spending more time weekly on hair than cleaning, cooking, clothes, shopping, or exercising!
  • 70 percent of naturals chose to go natural because it was healthier for their hair and scalp.
  • 40 percent of naturals think their hair says they are natural, and permed women think people see them as feminine or easy-going because of their straight hair.

Want to know more? Pick up a copy of Sister 2 Sister at your local store, or check out

Tia Shauntee

Be honest with yourself. Do you spend more time on your hair weekly than cleaning, cooking, clothes, shopping, or exercising? Why did you choose to go natural, or why are you thinking about it?


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