Suntrust Advertisement

Much to my surprise, I came across an advertisement yesterday that blew me away. On the Suntrust homepage, I saw this ad, featuring a father and daughter. Both the father and daughter are wearing their hair natural and long.I immediately loved ♥♥ this ad. Let me tell you why. How many positive images do we have of black fathers in the media, and in real life (for that matter)? How many commercials or advertisements have you seen that highlight the relationship that black men have with their children?  Wait a minute, let me think. I am going to guess and say, “not many”.

Was Suntrust’s intention to positively portray black men in the media? I’m not sure. But,  I believe this advertisement is a great example of black men and black fathers. To quote one of my favorite rappers (Common) of all time, “how many black women can say that they mothers but can’t say that they wives”? Listening to that record, I always wanted to reverse that line, and say the same thing about black men: “how many black men can say that they fathers but can’t say that they’re husbands”? Yes, the first line probably does sound better. Maybe because there are less words? *shrugs*

Whatever! The point is, there are few well-known examples of black fathers in this world (yes, President Obama would be a great exception). And an advertisement that knowingly (or unknowingly) puts more images out there, I’m for it.


3 thoughts on “Suntrust Advertisement

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