Mondays Around the Web – Loving Your Natural Hair

Blogger Sunflowernbklyn, of Loving Your Natural hair started a new blog on her loc journey. I was so excited to find a blogger on WordPress with locs. If you think back to an earlier post of mine and an Ebony article titled “Loc’d Out: Has the Style Lost its Luster?”, there aren’t many well-known bloggers with locs.

Source: Loving Your Natural Hair

As today’s Mondays Around the Web feature, her post on natural hair in advertisements caught my eye. In this post, she talks about the increasing number of naturals in advertisements. She states: “I don’t know about you guys but lately I’ve been coming across a lot of advertisements in magazines with natural curlies everywhere! Sure, in the past few years there has been a sprinkle or two and the majority of them were children. Most recently in my Real Simple magazine there was one company, so sorry I forget the name but it’s products are clothing created from recycled materials and all the models are 85% naturals. How cool is that?” Read the rest here.



2 thoughts on “Mondays Around the Web – Loving Your Natural Hair

  1. The model in the above photo is Kelly Moreira for The Gap’s latest ad campaign. In the past five years I have seen more ads featuring models with natural hair in more mainstream magazines than I have seen in our top five black ones which are now beginning to feature a mix of natural hair models once again due to the popularity of natural hair!

    IMO, ESSENCE should have never slacked off and should have been at the forefront like they had been in the past. Folks talk about Oprah, but Oprah has had more ads featuring models with natural hair in her magazine then I’ve seen in the black ones combined and not one for relaxers is to be found. Target and many of the other retailers have always featured several ad campaigns featuring models with natural hair.

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