Fashion Files: Solange Knowles in Time Out New York Magazine

With Solange Knowles as a welcome member of the “natural hair community”, we are seeing so many mainstream examples of natural hair in the media.Just yesterday, Solange tweeted that she was on the cover of Time Out New York magazine. As the cover girl for the Spring Fashion issue for Time Out New York magazine, Solange rocked florals, chevron prints, and pastels in her shoot.

Like any fashion photo shoot, Solange changed her outfit many times. But the theme was the same throughout.

Source: YouTube

This is one of my favorite looks. I love the pastel cardigan and floral skirt. Not only is the length right for spring, but it’s flirty and playful (which I love). And she’s natural. 🙂 Solange,

But I gotta be honest.I would really love to see some diversity in Solange’s hairstyles. You know, some classic updos and defined twist-outs. Unless this afro is her signature look, I wouldn’t mind seeing some different looks. It would really showcase the beauty and diversity of natural hair.

Here’s some footage from the photo shoot that she did.


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