Mondays Around the Web – Beauty Pulse London

My Mondays Around the Web post comes from a British Beauty Insider and Blogger at Beauty Pulse London. Her post, which features several examples of natural hair and fashion, is what caught my eye. In her post, she gives several examples of “afro-tising”, which is a clever pun on natural hair in advertising.

Here’s an advertisement from the United Colors of Benetton spring campaign, featured on her blog.

Source: BeautyPulseLondon

A snippet from her blog: “Natural, afro hair is on the up and up and is being fully embraced by women of colour in droves Recent research conducted by the market research agency Mintel, showed that the natural resurgence in the US has resulted in sales of relaxer kits dropping by 17% over the last 5 years (Black Hair Care US- August 2011, Mintel).

Many African – American celebrities are staunch advocates of wearing their natural hair and Oscar nominated actress Viola Davis’ natural style garnered numerous column inches and commentary as she steeped out onto the red carpet at the recent awards ceremony. My Twitter timeline went CRAZY!! Tweets and retweets flew across cyberspace as natural hair bloggers and vloggers, beauty critics and others commented and congratulated the actress’ stylish mane.”

Personally, I went and commented about this last paragraph because I think the perception of natural hair in the United States may be different from reality. I mean, not many African American celebrities wear their hair in its natural state. More and more celebs are starting to, but I think the dominant image is one of black celebrities with weaves, short cuts, wigs, etc.

Check out the rest here.

What have you seen? How is natural hair treated and represented in other countries?


5 thoughts on “Mondays Around the Web – Beauty Pulse London

    • Thanks for stopping by. It’s great to see more natural hair on the catwalk. But like others have said, it’s important to remember that for some people natural hair is more than a trend. It may be a hairstyle for some or a way of life for others.

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