Mondays Around the Web – AfroBlush

Source: AfroBlush

Today’s blogger featured in my weekly Mondays Around the Web post is AfroBlush.

AfroBlush is a London-based blogger who focuses on fashion, culture, art, design within the African diaspora. Her post mentions the recent article on natural hair trends in Vogue Italia, and is motivated by the representation of natural hair during fashion week.

Here is a snippet from her post: “We are beginning to see in upward shift in top fashion designers opting to have their black models extension-less. It is extremely gratifying to have seen that throughout London, Milan and Paris fashion week the ever proud afro has largely been spared the gruesome, make and break routine that all too often black models are subject to, in an effort to ‘manage’ afrohair among western fashion showcases.”

Check out her post here.

Let’s spread the love to our fellow natural hair bloggers across the pond!


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