Lincoln MKX Commercial

I am so excited about today’s post! After checking out Nappturalite Radio, the first commercial I saw was for the 2012 Lincoln MKX. And yes, it features 2 naturalistas! At least I think the woman in the Lincoln is natural. It’s hard to tell.

Let me tell you what else I spied in this commercial. A gorgeous chocolate man. No, seriously. You may miss him, but he’s in the boat scene looking fine…. “Sexual chocolate”. *stomps*. “Sexual chocolate”. *drops mic*.

Okay, okay. I’m done.

I also spied that actress who played Derwin’s short-term love interest on The Game. You know. The trifling one who tried to get him caught up with a turkey baster? Hey girl hey! Glad to see you’re getting more commercial work.

But what I loved about this post besides the curly girls was the black love. *sighs dramatically*. I’m a sucker for black love. Really for any love. But there is just something about black love. And with this commercial, you get a double dose.

For more information on Nappturalite radio, check out the site. It’s a great weekly internet radio show for all things related to black natural hair care.

One thought on “Lincoln MKX Commercial

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