Marshall’s Commercial with Natural Hair Model

One of my favorite places to shop is Marshall’s. I ♡ a bargain! Call me cheap, frugal, discerning, whatever. I’m not for paying full price for something unless you have to. Anyways….here is a photo I created using Dotpic and Instagram from screen shots for a recent Marshall’s commercial.

Slowly, but surely, I am getting into fashion (I’m an amateur when it comes to these things….but I am learning). So I know enough to know that color blocking and bright colored pants are in this season! I’m definitely loving the stripes and bold pants, with the belt and necklace combo.

What do you think: are you loving the look? Would you rock it?


6 thoughts on “Marshall’s Commercial with Natural Hair Model

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  2. Seeing this commercial definitely made me want to buy some bright colored pants, so I got some cotton candy pink pants from Goodwill (I love thrifting!) But yellow pants would also be hot!

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  4. I love bright colored pants too, but I’m afraid that it’s gonna be one of those trends that we look back on (like shoulder pads in the 1980s) and say, “what was I wearing?” regardless, the pants are cute, and i’m picking up a pair from gap. they make a pair of cute jeggings in *yellow*, green, and bright blue. not goodwill prices but still affordable at ~$50.

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