Wells Fargo Advertisement

Fashion. Retail. Food. Restaurants. Cleaning Products. Beauty. Cars. These are just some of the products and services provided by companies using natural hair models and actors in their commercials and advertisements.The visibility, acceptance, and popularity has increased so much in the last few years. Just walk down the haircare aisle in Walmart, Target, or your local beauty supply store. Watch tv. And you’ll see that natural hair is everywhere!

Until today, I only found 2 other banks that used natural hair models in their advertisements: Suntrust and Regions Bank. The April 2012 issue of Essence magazine had this advertisement for Wells Fargo Bank.

One of the many things I’ve noticed since starting this blog is common hairstyles among natural hair actors and models. Most of the time, they wear twistouts, sometimes afros.

Why do you think the most common natural hairstyle in commercials and advertisements is the twistout?


3 thoughts on “Wells Fargo Advertisement

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