McDonald’s Mommyisms Advertisement

Your favorite fast food chain is at it again. Oh, McDonalds. *sigh* With your catchy “I’m lovin’ it” ditty. And your R&B mini-videos about chicken nuggets. What can I say that hasn’t already been said about McDonald’s? Nothing. I’m going to leave that alone. But for a funny post about McDonalds and their commercials, read this blog post from Tiffany’s Fanny Pack.

This is an advertisement I found in the April 2012 issue of Essence magazine. In it, you see a mother with her daughter. The mother, as you can tell, has a natural twist-out. And the daughter is seemingly happy because she’s about to get a Kid’s Meal. This “mommyisms” advertisement is not the only example of natural hair that I found in the April issue of Essence. I found advertisements for Wells Fargo, Gain, and Curls Unleashed. It looks like Essence is really paying attention to natural hair… #Imjustsaying.


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