Progressive – Big Hug from Flo Commercial

Lots of naturalistas are helping sell car insurance. Take actresses in Progressive commercials, for example. Or Allstate. Or State Farm. Now, Progressive can add another commercial (or two) under its belt with a curly girl. This latest one, which I found on Progressive’s YouTube page, features a natural actress and Flo. The concept behind this commercial is that being a Progressive customer is kind of like getting a big hug.

But, it’s honesty time. Some may argue that the woman in this commercial embodies the “sassy black woman” stereotype. With that, I may have to agree. When the camera cuts from Flo to the actress, the look on the woman’s face says, “what the hell is wrong with her?” She is giving major *side eye*.

What I like to see in marketing and advertising is innovation. You know, a company that tries something new and different? Say, showing a black woman who is not stereotypically “black”. Or creating realistic roles for black female actors. Just think about the response by the natural hair community to the Gain commercial with Tomiko Fraser Hines. That’s what I want to see. I challenge advertising agencies to think outside the box. Stay away from the usual. Innovate.


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