Hot Pockets Commercial

I don’t know about ya’ll, but I have such fond memories of Hot Pockets. Getting home from school, microwaving your hotpocket, and enjoying the cheesy/meaty/bready goodness that is “Hot Pockets”.

This commercial, which I saw on Hulu, has a naturalista in it. Hey curlfriend!

 They were definitely a quick treat after school. As an adult, I don’t really eat them anymore, but I get the appeal.On a side note: why didn’t I know that Nestle produces Hot Pockets?

And now, you can get Hot Pockets in “fun-size” and new flavors. Each bag has 12 bites in it (but I couldn’t find any specific nutritional information online). The Hot Pocket Snackers advertised in this commercial have 4 new flavors: Loaded Potato Skins, Fiesta Nacho Bites, Grilled Italian Style, and Toasted Five Cheese Ravioli. Has anybody tried these? Are they any good?


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