Amtrak “My Black Journey” Advertisement

I love to travel. Visiting new places. Meeting new people. Not only is it fun, but it offers perspective. I go to new places and get exposed to new ideas, new things, and realize more things about the city in which I live. If you’re interested in traveling this summer, Amtrak has a great website called My Black Journey. This site features destinations that were pivotal moments in Black History, including a tour called “Bill Pickett’s Invitational”. You can check out Bill Pickett’s Invitational Rodeo at these AMTRAK stops:
Memphis, TN: March 30 & 31
Oakland, CA: July 14 & 15
Los Angeles, CA: July 21 & 22
Atlanta, GA: August 4 & 5
Washington DC: September 21 & 22

Where are you headed this summer?  I don’t know about ya’ll, but you can find me in Miami!


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