NY Times Magazine and Natural Hair

Shout out to whoever is in charge of photography and editorials over at the New York Times Magazine! I am loving this week’s cover shot for their special health issue. On it, you see a photo illustration by Clang, featuring a natural woman.

Thanks to a tweet by Cassidy of Natural Selection Blog, I was alerted to this gorgeous image online. Of course, me being the lover of all images of natural hair in the media that I am, I had to run and find it.

Featuring articles spanning several health-related topics, this issue includes “The Quest to Make Ourselves Smarter”, “A Fit Body and a Better Brain”, “The Future of Antidepressants”, “Is the World Ready for Medical Hallucinogens?”, and “Stiflers, Chaotics, and the …Life”.

Previously, the NY Times Magazine did a spread on formal wear and afros, featuring Esperanza Spalding, Corrinne Bailey Rae, Solange Knowles, and Les Nubians. Make sure to check it out!

NY Times Magazine and Esperanza Spalding



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