Event Recap: Spring 2012 World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show

Boy, oh boy! Where do I begin this recap on the Spring 2012 World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show? I know, I’ll take you step by step through what I did, who I met, and what I got. First: Let’s talk hair.

Hair Routine

Going to a hair show, your hair has to be fab! So, I spent almost 3.5 hours getting it ready for the show.

Step One: Pre-poo with coconut oil. Apply coconut oil all over head. Cover with plastic cap and winter hat, keep it in for 1 hour. Finger detangle. Rinse out coconut oil.

Step Two: Wash hair with Oyin Handmade Honey Wash, making sure hair is in sections. Rinse out shampoo.

Step Three: Condition hair in sections, using Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp Conditioner. Sit under my Heutiful Hair Steamer until it beeps and shuts off. Rinse out conditioner using cold water.

Step Four: Apply Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk as a leave-in conditioner. Begin to blow dry hair.

Step Five: Twist hair in about 24 twists using Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade, 12 on top and 12 on bottom. Seal my hair with castor oil. Wrap hair with satin scarf, go to sleep, and take out twists in the morning. Shake, check hair in mirror, and go!

Getting to the show

*Sigh*. What. A. Trial. Getting to the hair show was so crazy. First, there was traffic on I-75 S. I’m not sure why *shrugs*. Then, it took me 30 minutes to turn left onto the street where the convention center was from Camp Creek Parkway. I left my loft in downtown Atlanta at 11:15. When I walked into the convention center, it was 12:15 p.m. What usually takes less than 15 minutes took me one hour.

The Line

Never, ever in my life have I seen a line like that for the hair show. I walked in, and since I hadn’t got my ticket online, I had to wait. It took me forever to find the end of the line. Please believe me when I tell you that the line to buy a ticket snaked around 3 times and ended at the back wall of the facility. I stood in that line for an hour. And you wanna know what the best part was: I made new curlfriends!!! But……it was only when I  made it to the front of the line did people start coming around selling wristbands. #FAIL.

(Let’s pause for a moment. Do you remember that post I did on the “5 Things to know in preparation for the World Natural Hair Show? I’ve violated #1 and #2 right now. *hangs head in shame*).

The Event

Once I got inside, it was all systems go! I followed my third and fifth things to know in preparation for the show (identify what you want to buy beforehand). In my special blue notebook, I wrote down what booths I wanted to visit, what their booth numbers were, and what I was going to buy. A map, though, would have been really helpful.

Most importantly, I had a budget of $150 to work with (plus $20 for my co-worker).I got this great sample pack for $12 from TGIN and took a picture with Chris-Tia Donaldson, author of Thank God I’m Natural. She was so gracious and kind. I’d met her before last year, when I stopped by the booth. 

Back then, she signed my book, and I picked up a book for my friend and a TGIN t-shirt. I left the booth, and moved towards Karen’s Body Beautiful. They were having a buy 2, get 1 free sale. So, I consulted my blue book again, and requested her Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In Conditioner, Hold it Hair Gel, and Butter Love all in the Vanilla Latte scent. I think it was $34 total. Love it! After leaving the Karen’s Body Beautiful, I got a little overwhelmed. There were people everywhere, and so much to see. I was walking with a friend of mine through the show and simultaneously tweeting. I’m surprised I didn’t trip over myself or run into anybody.

Like any big event, companies had people passing out flyers and business cards. Some of them used kids to do the work. I guess so you’ll be less likely to turn them down. After re-focusing, I moved to the Oyin Handmade booth. After reminding myself of what I wanted, I got their “I use no chemicals, only juices and berries” t-shirt for $20. Gotta love the Coming to America reference. That’s just the beginning. I picked up 2 Burnt sugar pomades, 1 Whipped Pudding, 1 Greg Juice, 1 Frank Juice, and 1 Honey Hemp Conditioner. They didn’t have any Honey Wash with them.  All these products, including the t-shirt, only set me back $80.

Gotta love it!
Now, at some point I ran into blogger Lexi of
Curls, Coils, and Kinks. I was so surprised to see her. She walked right past me, and I said, Lexi? I introduced myself and she graciously volunteered to take a picture with me. It took me a minute, because I had to find someone to take the pic. But I got it done! After that, I actually met the creator of Dr. Miracle’s, Ollie Johnson. And what a smooth voice he had. I didn’t know it was him when he offered me a sample pack of their natural hair line. I actually

complimented their packaging (it’s
pink and so cute), and he told me that he designed it. That’s when he told me who he was. Talk about a surprise!
So, just three more booths left that I have to visit. My co-worker asked me to find him some products for his locs, so I stopped by the Taliah Waajid booth and took advantage of their 3 for $12 sale. I got 2 Black Earth African Healing Oils, 2 Moisture Clenz, and 2 Medicated Strengtheners. All for $24! That’s right, $24.

Whoo! I’m tired just typing this up.
I then stopped by Eden Body 
Works, because I heard on Twitter that they were having a 2 for $5 sale on their Peppermint Tea Tree line. I picked up their Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Oil and Shampoo, since I already own the hair milk (and love it).  What I’m not mentioning, is that while I’m walking around the show, I keep getting stopped by other curlies. I was so flattered because so many people asked to take my picture  or wanted to know what I did to my hair.
Last, but not least, I had to stop by and see Will and Lisa at the Nothing But booth. I chatted with them, and stood in front of the camera to share a little blurb about being natural. Stay tuned for that!
So, I’m hungry and thirsty at this point. But there’s not much that I want to eat or drink so I tough it out. I split from my friends, and walk outside to enjoy the warm weather. There, I had several great conversations with new curlfriends about my regimen, their regimen, my blog, and natural hair. Love it!
And that, curlies and gents, is my recap of the show. Hope you enjoyed it. 🙂 Read Part 2 here.
Did you go? What did you think? What booths did you visit?

10 thoughts on “Event Recap: Spring 2012 World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show

    • Hey Tiffany!!
      Thanks for keeping me company in the line during the hair show. I enjoyed talking to you and I am really enjoying reading your blog. lol

      • Hi Jackie! Thank you so much for stopping by, and keeping me company in the long line at WNHS. I definitely enjoyed talking with you, and am so glad to hear that you like my blog. 🙂

  1. Hi Tiffany! Great blog entry. I felt like I was revisiting the Natural Hair Show as I was reading it. All I could picture was the crowds of people. Sadly, I tried a new hair regimen the morning of the the show that was a disaster. So my hair was not as fabulous as yours was and I kept getting jealous of everyone and their cute hair styles. Note to self: Don’t try any new products or styles the morning of a hair show. I really should have taken advantage of the KBB sale but I didn’t get to. But I do love my Oyin Handmade products. Glad you had fun.

    • Thanks for stopping by and reading my post, Takeia! I’m glad you enjoyed my post. I definitely know what you’re talking about with trying a new hair regimen. The best time to try those is when you don’t have anywhere important to go, maybe over the weekend.

  2. What a great recap!!! Love it!!! Can’t wait to go to a big natural hair show!!! And, you met Lisa Sperling in person! She’s so nice, though I’ve only talked to her via email. And girl, your hair is #theBOMB;)!!! Lol!


    • Thank you, Shelli! That means a lot coming from you. 🙂
      It was so great meeting Lisa (since I’m in Atlanta, we actually met for lunch in February). But both her and Will are so great, and even better in person.

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