Droid Commercial

Droid has come out with a new collection of phones, including the 4G Droid Razr, 4G Droid Razr Maxx, and 4G Droid 4. Their campaign highlights all of the new features of Droid phones. With the tagline, “Droid Does”, the new phones….

  1. come preloaded with Netflix
  2. pull music off your desktop from miles away
  3. push video to your HD 1080P TV
  4. learn how you speak so it can search better
  5. let you text with pinpoint precision
  6. switch to silent mode when you go to the movies
  7. let you edit word documents on the go
  8. protect your data with government-grade encryption
  9. resist spills with a water-repellent nanocoating
  10. let you type in low-light situations
  11. let you enjoy 15 hours straight of your favorite flicks
  12. shut down functions to save battery life

and so much more. Here are some images of their newest commercial, which I caught while watching Hulu and created in Instagram. In this commercial, you see a naturalista with a chunky short fro.


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