Kenmore Grab-N-Go Commercial

If you haven’t noticed by now, models with natural hair appear in many different types of commercials. From restaurants, to retailers, to clothing, to cleaning products, women with natural hair are showing up in our living rooms regularly. And they’re helping sell many items to consumers. For the first time since beginning this blog, I’ve seen a commercial for kitchen appliances. Kenmore Elite’s newest commercial has a naturalista in it!. Kenmore has a new line of refrigerators that features the industry’s first grab-n-go door. This door has an “extra compartment for quick and easy access for your favorite items”, like sandwiches, flowers, and pitchers. I applaud innovation and whenever I’m ready to upgrade my refrigerator, I may search for brands that have the grab-n-go door feature. Keep in mind, though, that Kenmore is sold exclusively at KMart and Sears.


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