Event Recap: Day 2 of the Spring 2012 World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show

Hopefully, you’ve read my recap of Day 1 of the World Natural Hair, Health, and Beauty Show by now. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Read it here. It will give you details on my hair routine for the show, my experiences getting to the show and standing in line, and the actual event.

So, after the first day, I pretty much knew what I was getting into. I left  around 1 p.m on Sunday. There was literally NO traffic and a minimal wait to get in line. *sigh*. Lesson learned: buy my ticket(s) in advance.

First, I stopped by the Karen’s Body Beautiful booth. I know, I know. I went there the day before. But my friend is a KBB stan (sorry!) and forgot to buy some products on Saturday. At the booth, I met Karen (who was so gracious and kind). Did I mention that Karen was having an even better sale on Sunday? Products were now buy 2, get 1 free; buy 3, get 2 free; buy 4, get 3 free!

After leaving the booth, I tried to map out a game plan. But then I decided to just go with the flow. I follow Arkeedah of itsarkeedah.com on Twitter, and read a tweet that she would be at the Mizani booth. I stopped by, and she took a picture with me!  I have to say, I love her bold cut and color.Mizani was hosting a giveaway, so I entered my name in the drawing. Even though I didn’t win, the winner walked away with the entire Mizani line. Lucky her!

While walking through the show, I ran into a few people who wanted to take my picture. Even though I tend to smile hard, I stopped and took pictures anyway. As I was walking by the Design Essentials booth, I was stopped by one of their reps. She asked if I would take a picture at the booth, and I willingly agreed. It took several tries to get a usable photo: I’m a blinker. But the photographer was very patient, and snapped this pic that I totally love.

Photo credit: Brainchild Associates

While filling out my name and email address, a Brainchild Associates staff member zeroed in on my email. She then introduced me to the president of Brainchild Associates, Tori Allen. It was so great to meet her! I was also really surprised to hear that she has read my blog before. She invited me to stop by a Design Essentials workshop on natural hair, which I did later.

Before attending the workshop, I stopped by the Beautiful Textures booth. The staff at the booth let me know that if you used your phone to like their Facebook fan page, you would receive a free product RIGHT THEN! So, I whipped out my 3G Iphone (time for an upgrade?), liked their page, and happily received their Rapid Repair Deep Conditioner.  Beautiful Textures also had photographers for the OMG Booth. I absolutely love the OMG booth. In this booth, you can take multiple fun, goofy, and silly pictures that you can later access online. In my first set of pictures, I was a little reserved. One of the photographers got me to loosen up, and took pictures while I wasn’t looking. This is one of my favorites from the OMG booth. Celebrity stylist Felicia Leatherwood was also in the building, at the Beautiful Textures booth, doing a demo using their hair products.

Photo credit: OMG Booth

When 5 pm hit, I sat in on the Design Essentials Pure Naturals Styling workshop. There were lots of people in the room watching natural hair stylist Diane Bailey explain how to use the Design Essentials product line. Even though I don’t have locs, I was totally mesmerized by the beautiful locs on one of the models. Can you say total hair envy? We watched Diane work her magic on the model, as she cut and re-twisted her locs. I have to admit, before this workshop I had no idea that you could re-part fully grown locs. But, using the products, she showed how you can gently pull apart a loc, and create a new part. This made the model’s locs look neater. She also styled the two-strand twists of another model, on whom she added some extensions for fullness. But I couldn’t even tell all of that wasn’t her hair. I guess that’s why it’s so important to buy good, quality hair (if you can afford it). Lastly, Diane continued her work on another model,

Photo Credit: Brainchild Associates
Diane Bailey is 2nd from the left

whose hair she set earlier in the day. During this workshop, she used the Design Essentials Natural Twist and Set Setting Lotion, Defining Creme Gel, and Daily Moisturizing Lotion. See the top pictures on the left for the finished looks.

I’ll definitely be trying the Design Essentials Naturals line in the future….

Overall, though, I enjoyed Sunday a little bit more than Saturday. Probably because it was more low-key. But, the downside to attending on Sunday is that your favorite company may or may not run out of your products. I know Oyin Handmade did.

Did you attend the show on Sunday? Or did you go both days like I did? Which day was better?


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