AT&T Advertisement

In the ongoing quest to stay on top, powerhouse AT&T continues to develop advertisements and commercials highlighting their reach. With the tagline, “the nation’s largest 4G network”, AT&T continuously attempts to set themselves apart from their greatest competitors: Verizon and Sprint (am I missing anybody?). AT&T has been in business for over a century: since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone (AT&T 2012). Another interesting fact about AT&T is that they are the “largest communications holding company in the world by revenue” (AT&T 2012). To learn more about AT&T, check out their website.

In this advertisement, you see a curly girl using her cell phone. The message in this advertisement is that AT&T will help you stay in touch wherever you are, whenever you want, and however you want.

Are you an AT&T customer? Are advertisements/commercials a factor in your decision to choose one company over the other? If not, what is?

Source: AT&T (2012). AT&T Company Information. Retrieved from


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