McDonald’s Go Eat Beef Commercial

McDonald’s wants you “take back your lunch”. Instead of a working lunch, go to McDonald’s on your lunch break.

I saw this commercial on Facebook, and wanted to share it. It’s an interesting campaign: encouraging working professionals that lunchtime is your time. You know how it can be sometimes. You have so much work, to do, you know you have to eat, and you find yourself chowing down in your cubicle/office. Instead of enjoying your lunch.:(

The commercial, which encourages customers to go eat beef, suggests that when you “bite into a Premium Chicken Sandwich or Angus Deluxe [you will] taste freedom”.

Regardless of the message, the hair in this commercial is H-O-T. I love her curly updo.

For those concerned about the nutritional value of McDonald’s food, fret not. McDonald’s recently initiated an effort to offer more nutritional options on their menu. But sometimes appearances can deceiving (see what I mean here). Read the press release about their new efforts here.

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