Florida Tech University Online Advertisement

If you buy a car because you’ve seen a commercial or know a friend who drives one, would you choose a school because of an advertisement? Are these the same situations? Or are they different? Ask yourself, what draws you into an advertisement or commercial? It’s probably necessity, visual images, affordability, accessibility, and how relatable it is.

These factors – necessity, affordability,appeal, accessibility, and whether or not you can relate to the commercial – may come into play in that order, and maybe they don’t. Maybe you care more about whether or not the people in commercials and advertisements look like you. Or maybe it’s important to know if a product is within your price range. Can you think of any more factors?

If you care about whether or not African Americans are represented in commercials and advertisements, here’s a great resource: Kiss My Black Ads.

Side note: this is only the second advertisement/commercial that I’ve found for an online university. Here’s the other one I’ve seen for Westwood College.


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