Plan B Advertisement in Glamour Magazine

Wondering what Plan B is? Also known as “the morning after pill”, this emergency contraceptive is available for purchase in pharmacies. Although you don’t need a prescription, laws surrounding these pills vary from state to state. But how often do you stop and look at advertisements for Plan B when reading through your favorite women’s magazine? Chances are, if you don’t need it, then you don’t really stop and pay attention.

In another post, I talked about the factors contributing to a consumer’s engagement with an advertisement. Just to review, I personally consider necessity, visual images, affordability, accessibility, and how relatable an advertisement or commercial it is before making a decision. What do you consider?

So, back to my question. How likely would you be to stop and look at this advertisement? I would be very likely. And that’s because of this beautiful curly girl I saw while flipping through the June 2012 issue of Glamour. Aside from prominently featuring a natural, this advertisement gracefully lets the customer know that accidents happen. With the tagline, “Your birth control failed last night. The next 72 hours matter more”, this marketing campaign takes the onus off the individual and moves forward with a solution-oriented approach.

As a consumer, what factors do you consider in advertising? How does it differ for choosing natural hair products?


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