Fashion Files: Gap Issue 2 Advertisement

First glimpsed in an Instagram post by ChicandKinky, I saw this advertisement
on Gap’s Facebook page. These images are both featured in Issue 2 of The female with natural hair is wearing the Tudor tank, available at the Gap for $19.95-$22.95. This tank top comes in several colors, but the model is wearing one of my favorite spring colors – hot coral! Together with her beautiful chocolate skin, hot pink lip, and gorgeous and full natural hair, I’m going to have say, “she did that!” *snaps*

Featuring a look put together by style blogger, Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette, this next advertisement showcases a Gap gingham shirt. As Joshua explains: “New York City is a utopia of personal style with a multitude of historical references that may inspire your own look. The gingham shirt was first made apparent to me through the Mod culture in the 1960s, a bit different from how I wear it today but it shows the longevity of the pattern”. His gingham shirt is also available at the Gap, for $39.95.

Ladies and gents: what are your looks for the summer? I’m on team coral!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Files: Gap Issue 2 Advertisement

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