Switch to Nationwide Advertisement

Finally joining the likes of Progressive, State Farm, and Allstate, Nationwide’s recent advertisement welcomes them into the realm of using models with natural hair. This advertisement was found on Yahoo’s web site, and is the first Nationwide advertisement I’ve seen of it’s kind.

Lean in close so I can tell you what’s different about this advertisement. Unlike many commercials and advertisements with natural hair actors/models, this particular image shows a woman with a thick afro. This is unique. Most images of a similar nature show models rocking a two-strand twist out. Typically, if a woman has an afro, it’s because of a need to stay consistent with the era depicted in that advertisement or commercial. Take, for example, the House Hunters advertisement/commercial featuring a woman with an afro. She’s wearing an afro because her style of house is from the ’70s. Or, consider this 7Up commercial with Cee-Lo as a baby. His mom is shown with an afro, because it was a popular style during the ’70s.

Very rarely do you see a new advertisement or commerical with a woman who has an afro. As a consumer, I appreciate innovation and diversity. I like seeing women who look like me. It makes it easier to relate. It also shows your consumer that you.get.it. It’s as simple as that.

I challenge advertising agencies to think outside the box. Stay away from the usual. Innovate.

To see other examples of car insurance companies who’ve used naturals in their advertising, check out:

Progressive commercial

State Farm



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