[Closed] Easy to Enter, Easy to Win Giveaway – Oyin Handmade

Announcing an “Easy to Enter, Easy to Win” GIVEAWAY featuring a 4 oz. Oyin                                                                 Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade.

      TO ENTER:

1) Comment on my blog post: just introduce yourself and say how long you’ve been natural.

2) LIKE my Facebook status about the giveaway! Every time I post a status about the giveaway, like it for another entry.

3) Re-tweet my Twitter status as much as you like! Follow me here.

4) Like my Oyin Handmade post on Instagram. Follow me: naturalhairads

Source: Oyin Handmade

For MULTIPLE entries: complete all the steps! For ONE entry: do any one of the steps.

1 winner will be randomly selected, and winners are restricted to US residents only.

Contest ends Monday, June 11, 2012 at midnight.

Thanks, ya’ll. And good luck!

Disclaimer: This contest is not sponsored by Oyin Handmade. I’m just a stan of theirs who wants to share the love!


20 thoughts on “[Closed] Easy to Enter, Easy to Win Giveaway – Oyin Handmade

  1. My name is Earnest and I have been natural and loc’d for over 15 years. I want to win for my kids with a lot of curly hair.

  2. Heeeey!!!! 🙂 My name is Shawna & I’ve been natural for two years. I did my BC #2 a lil over a month ago so I’m starting the growth process all over again! #GoTeamNatural

    • Hi Shawna! #GoTeamNatural. You know, I was thinking of cutting my hair. Sometimes, I feel like I have too much hair. It’s not unmanageable yet, but imo, waist length hair is not manageable (at least for me). I’m interested to know what kind of things you learned the first time that you will keep doing this second time around. And what you will stop.

  3. Hey! My name is Suzette and I transitioned for two years becoming all natural NYE 2011. I wanted to start the new year out right and I’m so happy I did.

  4. Hi!

    My name is Tomeshia and I have been natural for 8 months and 15 days and loving my hair more and more each and everyday!

    • I know that you have a right to purchase ainthyng you want so long as it is accessible. But honestly I don’t understand the incessant whining from everyone about these products. I live in the states and I still don’t purchase these items. When I first started my natural hair journey I tried some of these highly rated “natural” products but honestly I wasn’t impressed and neither was my hair. You spend so much money on these items and they come in tiny 8oz bottles that are finished in just a few applications.So now I create my own skin and hair care products. I buy shea butter, coconut oil, aloe vera, essential oil as fragrance, castor oil, and glycerin(which I only use in the summer time). For all the ingredients I listed above I spent less on than 3 bottles of the hot new natural hair product of the day. Plus when I make my own concoctions, I end up with enough product for my hair and skin to last between 4-6 months. I can’t say the same about the products I paid for.Not to mention that I don’t have to wonder about the ingredients because I made it myself, so I know what is in it and I can adjust it is to suit my hair or skin’s needs.The problem with most of these brand name products is that they start off natural when the company is just getting started,but once they start producing on a mass commercialized scale…they need to meet the FDA standards. Which means that they are now adding chemicals to the product not to benefit your hair but to extend the life of the product on the store shelves. The only person who benefits from that is the store/company owner not the customer using the product. So my advice to you just make your own stuff. It takes less than 10 minutes to whip up and it is better for you. I know my armpit length hair is grateful that I make my own. My hair was never this long buying products from store.

  5. Hello moto, my friends call me Tea and I’ve been natural since December of 2011. I still don’t know exactly what I’m doing with my hair. My biggest problem is retaining moisture in my hair. But I did hear that it’s common to experience this right after a big chop. It takes time for your new hair to get use to the elements and other variables. I wanted to try out oyin products, but don’t live anywhere near MD. It would be awesome to win this product.

  6. hey, my name is Cessily, and I’ve been natural for about seven months now, and I love it. Its so less stressful than dealing with my old permed hair. It good to feel comfortable in the hair I was given!

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