Nivea “Discover Beauty Within” Advertisement


While browsing the May 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan at my dentist’s office, I came across this Nivea advertisement. With the tagline, ‘Discover Beauty Within’, this advertisement is a huge departure from a previous Nivea campaign which suggested that men “re-civilize themselves”. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out this post on NHM and another on Adweek. That ad was part of Nivea’s “Look Like You Give A Damn” campaign, and ran once in Esquire magazine.20120614-112618.jpg

Of course, you may be thinking: “marketing campaigns for men and women are going to be different. It makes sense that an advertisement for women will focus on beauty while one for men highlights grooming”. And with that, I will agree wholeheartedly.

With that being said, this current advertisement for Nivea’s line highlights it’s availability at Walgreens. This ad is a welcome change to the past “Look Like You Give A Damn” marketing campaign (which was spearheaded by Draftfcb).

And bonus alert! There’s a beautiful natural in it, too.


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