Verizon Advertisement for FiOS

I have some of the best virtual curlfriends! Shout out to all my readers and guests who send me advertisements and commercials featuring natural hair!!!! Ya’ll are the best – keep them coming.

Thanks to Lush Coils, I was hipped to this FiOS advertisement spotted at a bus stop. In this ad, you see a lovely naturalista rocking out. If you’re wondering what FiOS is, let me share the fruits of my (brief) research with you. FiOS is a bundled (telephone, internet, and television) home communications service, available through Verizon. According to Verizon,

– FiOS is the largest 100% fiber-optic network in the United States.

– 98% of people who switch to FiOS stay with FiOs.

While researching FiOS, I visited Verizon’s home page and found, *pause,wait for it*, another advertisement with natural hair!!!!! In this second FiOS advertisement, you see a beautiful black family with a natural mom and a natural toddler.

That baby is grown, and oh so cute with his little plaid shirt and natural hair!


2 thoughts on “Verizon Advertisement for FiOS

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