Apple Advertisement – College Prerequisites

It’s Back to School time!!!!

And for Apple, like many companies, that means good sales on items needed for school. Or at least items you think you can’t live without. This advertisement, which I saw on Apple’s home page, advertises a sale on Macs for college students. Behind the laundry basket, you see a naturalista peeking out from behind her new Mac laptop. But there’s something missing from her basket. She has college paraphernalia, a plant, a globe, sunglasses, books, notebooks, but where are her natural hair products? I kid, I kid.

But all my college curlies know you have a stash of natural hair products for school in the Fall. And hopefully, you’re enjoying your summer before school starts again and experimenting with lots of natural hair styles before classes start. If you’re transitioning or already natural, stop by my Natural Hair Care page for my hair story and some great links to YouTube videos.


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