Ikea – Made by the Jordans Commercial

In this Ikea commercial, you see a black couple in a bedroom designed by Ikea. What I like about this commercial is twofold – the woman has a TWA (teeny weeny afro) and the personalized

nature of this campaign. Very rarely do you see a black woman (or man, for that matter) with an afro in a “modern” commercial. As I’ve talked about elsewhere, the dominant natural hairstyle in the media is the twist-out.

But to see a black woman with an afro who is NOT portraying a character from the ’70s is rare! That’s why I appreciate this woman’s hairstyle so much. Go ‘head, Ikea!

The other thing interesting about this campaign is how Ikea shows the designs of real people, and

how they come to life through Ikea. It makes the brand more relatable and its furniture and designs more personalized.

What do you like about this commercial?


4 thoughts on “Ikea – Made by the Jordans Commercial

  1. Tiffany, what do I like about this commercial?? I’ll tell….NOTHING. In fact this commercial is racist, insulting and degrading to blacks and people of African descent and I’ll tell you why:

    Study the commercial: a black women in bed, under the cover, then the camera shows a pair of feet walking towards the bedroom. You clearly see that it’s a man, but you don’t see the rest of the body. As he gets closer, the camera pans out as the man “SITS ON THE BED” then you realize it’s a white man…entering the “bedroom of a black woman.” the afro only accents her “blackness.” What does the picture tell you??? it takes you back to the slave cabins where white men enter at will to rape as they please. Where is her husband…in another room, acting like a bafoon, in bed, eating what looks like a 5foot sandwich (degrading to black men).
    If you think it’s innoccent, think of this…would they put a white woman, in her pyjamas, under the cover, with a black salesman sitting on her bed? I think not!!!
    The image is clear, Tifanny, this is no “nice” commercial. It is disrespectfull to the point where Ikea should be boycotted!!! I for one will no longer shop there. Also, I’m in the process of trying to get this degrading commercial off the air. HOW DARE THEY!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Cynthia. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on this commercial. Although my point of view is different is from yours, I think you raise some interesting points. Let me ask you a question. Is there a commercial you’ve seen with natural hair that hit the mark? If not, have you seen the Gain commercial with Tomeko Fraser-Hines? You can find it on my blog at http://naturalhairinthemedia.com/2011/12/06/gain-cheer-commercial/. It’s an interesting concept, because the entire commercial is based on the premise of relaxed vs. natural (it’s implied, but it’s still there).

  2. Hello Tiffany: I looked at the Gain commercial. To answer your question, yes, “it hit the mark.” Why? because what you see is a young black woman wearing a natural hair style, she is beautiful and is “portrayed” as a beautiful woman, she is stylish, appears friendly with a beautiful smile. The Black woman in the Ikea commercial is very pretty, BUT the entire script and the sublimated message is degrading. Commercials sell not only products but they give sublimated messages to the viewer as well. It impacts the subconscious mind and teaches “something.” A great deal of psychology is used to sell products.
    I think It’s wonderful that more blacks are appearing on commercials, with natural hairstyles (yoohoo!!). Admittedly, MANY commercials with Blacks are respectful. But “madison avenue” still needs a cleansing of their subconscious minds of stereotypes and deep seated racism ( i.e Ikea). I want to see commercials that are repectful to black men and black women in which they are portrayed in leadership roles, portrayed as smart, talented and dignify. Not sitting up in bed, eating a five foot sandwich and acting like a baffoon!!

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