Samsung Commercial – GALAXY S III “Share Shot”

Stop and take a second. Think about your current Facebook profile picture. Or your Twitter icon. Or if you’re an Instagram model *snickers*, ask yourself this question: how much time do you spend trying to take that perfect shot? A few seconds, or a few minutes? And once you get that shot, what do you do with it? That’s right, you share it with your friends, family, co-workers, frienemies, etc.

With the spread of social media, taking that perfect picture is slowly becoming more and more important for some consumers and being able to share that picture is also important.

Companies like Samsung want consumers to know they understand that desire (or for some, a need?). Their most recent Samsung GALAXY S III commercial is a hilarious comparison between the old way of sharing pictures and the new way. It starts with a group of friends on a boardwalk who stop someone to take their picture. He quickly becomes overwhelmed by their requests, as 1 picture becomes another…and another.. with multiple poses and multiple cameras. The camera then cuts away to another group of friends (with TWO NATURALS) who all have the Samsung GALAXY S III. Easily, all of the photos are shared with the group.

Side note: Can I just say how much I love seeing men with natural hair in commercials? And a commercial with two natural hair actors in it? What could be better!

Check out another commercial from Samsung with two naturals in it.


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