Mondays Around the Web – Stomping Stereotypes Blog

The blogger behind Stomping Stereotypes poses a question that’s right up my alley: Is it me or is ALMOST EVERY black woman cast on television rocking natural hair?

This seemingly innocent question opens up a host of other questions from the blog: Do the casting directors believe black women with “seemingly” curly/natural hair will appeal to more people? Are they implying BW with natural/curly hair are sophisticated?

Here’s a little information about the purpose of the Stomping StereotypesThe purpose of this blog is to spotlight BW stomping stereotypes as well as discuss and develop solutions for overhauling the image of black women in the:

1. Media, by calling attention to images companies put forth which perpetuate these negative stereotypes and banding to stop supporting those who continue to push these derogatory images.
2. Mind of the populace, by making a conscious effort to support those who are projecting positive images of BW and providing new images/information to allow people to formulate new opinions.
3. Our own minds, by examining ourselves and shedding the negative characteristics we have come to blindly embrace and believe about ourselves

What do you think? Is natural hair more sophisticated or less sophisticated?


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