My Design Essentials® Blogger Makeover – Part 2

Now, for Part 2 of the Design Essentials® blogger makeover. If you haven’t done so already, read Part 1 here.

Part 1: . Brainchild Associates representative Ashley Tanks was the model for Part 2 of this makeover. She worked with Design Essentials®  Master Educator Francesca Adams.

Ashley Before

Here is a photo of her hair before the makeover (she’s rocking a wash-n-go). And as you can see, Ashley has some color (highlights) in her hair.

Part 2: The stylist, Francesca, arrived and examined her hair. Two hairstyles were selected for Ashley, and she joined me in the salon. The first thing to do was detangle her hair with the Design Essentials® HCO Leave-in Conditioner.

Source: Design Essentials

. This was the same product used on my hair, and Francesca used it to soften Ashley’s hair. I talked about this in Part 1, but HCO stands for Hydrogen, Carbon, and Oxygen. It’s a great product for detangling, softening, and moisturizing the hair. As the product sat on her, it gradually became soft enough to detangle with no concern about breakage.

Just like me, Ashley was asking lots of questions and taking plenty of notes! Both Ashley and I were happy to hear that we’ve been taking great care of our own (sometimes, a DIY girl’s gotta know these things).

Next, she  shampooed her hair with the sulfate-free Design Essentials® Natural Curl Cleanser. This is what Deshonica used on my hair, and it smells great. It cleanses your hair, without leaving it stripped or dry. Francesca followed this up with the Design Essentials® Natural Moisturizing Conditionerwhich makes detangling a breeze! At this point, Ashley asks the Master Educators how to do an in-home steam treatment if you don’t own a steamer.

Deshonica shares this great, budget-friendly tip: Place a plastic cap over clean and conditioned hair, microwave a towel soaked in hot water for 1 minute and place it around the plastic cap, and place another plastic cap on top and sit under the dryer.

Can you say shortcut!

Part 3: Ashley ‘s hair was first finger styled into a wash-n-go using Design Essentials® Curl Enhancing Mousse And let me tell you: her curls were popping! The great thing about wash-n-gos is that with the right products, they can easily be sculpted into another style. And that’s exactly what Francesca did to Ashley’s hair with the Design Essentials® Curl Enhancing Mousse, too. Her wash-n-go was easily transformed into this beautiful twisted chignon you see below.

Here are some exclusive tips for maintaining and styling a wash-n-go from Design Essentials® Master Educators Deshonica and Francesca.

Tip #1: A great way to detangle your hair is to spray it with water or the Design Essentials® HCO Leave-in Conditioner.

Tip #2: Worried about dryness? Hop in the shower and let the shower steam refresh your hair. You don’t have to rinse it daily with water!

Tip #3: Keep your curls hydrated by applying the Design Essentials® Daily Moisturizing Lotion.

Tip #4: One way to get rid of those fairy knots/SSK (Single Strand Knots)/knots on the end of your hair is to use a cream based conditioner on the ends and gently use your fingers to loosen the knots.

More tips to come! 

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