Get the look with My CVS Campaign

Source: CVS

CVS is rolling out it’s My CVS advertising campaign. With the tagline, “I define my look. My CVS helps me achieve it”, they’re highlighting how their beauty products can help you get the look you want. Given the increasing importance of social media and customer engagement, this campaign is timely. Smart companies understand that people want to feel connected to a brand, and a great way to accomplish that is through social media (i.e. YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc).

In the pictures and videos below, you find images of women with beautiful natural hair. They even offer a video showing you how to achieve the perfect twist-out.

Source: CVS

Perfect Twist out

Now, I’m all about achieving the perfect twist-out. I’ve said elsewhere that when I get that perfect twist-out, it leaves me feeling, like.a.boss (*in my Rick Ross voice*). And a how-to video is a great resource for customers.

But, let’s be honest for a second. Natural men and women want to know more than 1) start with clean hair, 2) use your favorite leave-in, 3) part your hair 4) add a holding product, 5) twist hair and sit under dryer, 6) pull apart hair, and 7) add some oil sheen. I’m paraphrasing the video here, but you get the point. We want to know more than the steps and product TYPES to use.

When was the last time a friend recommended a product to you? What was the first thing you asked them: How much does it cost? Where can I buy it? Does this product have silicones? How much do I use? Is it paraben-free? Will it work on (insert hair type here) hair? And on and on.

Here’s some free advice: these videos would have more views if 1) bloggers were asked to share how they achieved the perfect twist-out with products from CVS, or 2) the products used in the video were identified, or 3) if more information about the products was provided. But I recommend that CVS use bloggers. It’s a great way to increase views, traffic, and raise awareness of product offerings for natural hair at CVS.

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