Marketers Need to Understand the Fallout Over Gabby Douglas’ ‘Do”

Source: AdAge

Here’s an interesting re-post I found on Musings from Matlock,
written by Pepper Miller (President and Founder of the Hunter-Miller Group). In it, Ms. Miller addresses the importance of hair in the black community, and what insight marketers can gain from understanding issues over black hair.

When Gabby Douglas unexpectedly captured the Olympic Gold medal in gymnastics this summer, I was elated, peacock proud and genuinely happy for the 16-year-old and her family. It was all the more special for me because she is African American. Then, incredibly, followed flack from critics black and non-black about Douglas’ post-performance hairstyle!

You can read the rest of the post here.

Tell me what you think. What can marketers stand to learn about hair in the black community? Do they get advertising “right” more often than “wrong?

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One thought on “Marketers Need to Understand the Fallout Over Gabby Douglas’ ‘Do”

  1. “I’ll never forget it: one black woman told me that no matter how much Pantene she uses, she will never be able to fling her hair around like the [white] women in those TV commercials,” said Lattimer, relaying the frustration of a participant in a national study of black female consumers.

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