Jeep Drives You Commercial with Nikia Phoenix

Meet every model’s favorite fairy godmother, Nikia Phoenix:

Source: Model Liberation

Nikia is one of the lovely faces in Jeep’s Drives You Commercial. This commercial features several models in the Jeep family, including the Wrangler, Compass Sport, and Grand Cherokee. It provides a quick look into the different types of people who drive Jeeps. Nikia, a long-time Jeep owner, talks about her loyalty to the Jeep family in another video.

Source: Model Liberation

Commercial transcript: For some, it’s the freedom. For others, the independence. No matter what drives you to get out there, leave no stone unturned. You have the power. And where you’ll find it, is within.

If you haven’t checked out Nikia’s blog yet, you can find her at Model Liberation, where she talks about hair, style, beauty, and model life. Nikia describes herself as a fresh-faced, natural-haired model. She has been featured in campaigns for Target, Coca-Cola, and Smirnoff, among others. She is also currently the Senior Lifestyle Contributor to Kisforkinky.

Are you a model with natural hair who has appeared in a regionally or nationally syndicated commercial or print/online advertisement? Tell me about it! I’d love to interview you for a feature about your work on my blog. Just email me at Thank you. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Jeep Drives You Commercial with Nikia Phoenix

    • Hi Lex! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I found your blog through the WordPress Dashboard and just had to follow you. I love your recent post about your hair’s progression.

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