Miami Nights, I’m Living the Life – Part 1

Recharge and relax. That’s where my head was at before leaving for my weekend trip to Miami at the end of July. With blogging, working, exercising, being a good girlfriend, friend, sister, daughter, etc., I really needed to unwind. So, I took a cheap and quick trip to South Beach with my boyfriend.

Like many people, I’m always looking for a deal. So when I saw a Groupon Getaways deal for a hotel off Washington and 5th, I had to take advantage of it. 3 nights in Miami for $399! What could be better? Of course, I did my due diligence first. I am a researcher by profession, after all. Reading reviews, browsing the hotel’s website, and calling to confirm the deal before booking at Hotel St. Augustine. I knew going into it that: 1) there were no elevators (it’s a two-story boutique hotel), 2) it wasn’t on Ocean Dr., 3) people complained about the noise, and 4) we would do a lot of walking.

Some of the best travel advice I’ve ever received was from my boyfriend, and that is this: make a list of what you want to pack. I did just that, and managed to fit everything into a small(ish) carry-on bag. I didn’t have too many hair products, since I was rocking my yarn braids protective style. I bought 3 ounces of Eden’s Body Works Peppermint and Tea Tree Hair Milk, Oyin Handmade Juices and Berries, and Eden’s Body Works Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil. Easy breezy. That’s how I roll.

Delta Sky Lounge

Once we booked the hotel and flights, the boyfriend secured passes to the Delta Sky Club through EBay. And it was so worth it. I’ve never been to a Sky Club before, and the one in Miami was gorgeous. Very modern, nice snacks, and free liquor (not the top shelf stuff). We arrived in Miami at 9:30 am, and didn’t leave the Sky Lounge until 12:30 pm. Let’s just say we were very happy to be there and feeling great when we left.

Source: MTA

We hopped on the bus (Route 150-Miami Beach Airport Flyer) and took it to South Beach.When we arrived at the hotel, the room was ready.Here are some pictures of the hotel patio and lobby (I didn’t take any of the room – sorry!). The room was the standard size for South Beach: very small. The décor was minimal, modern, and the steam shower was probably the best feature. What I didn’t like was the bed. I’d read reviews that the queen beds weren’t really queen size. I didn’t understand what that meant until I was in the room.

Hotel Patio

It seems like the bed platform is indeed queen size, but the mattress is actually a full. I asked at the front desk, and they confirmed that I had a room with a queen bed *Shrugs*

Hotel Lobby

*Pause* Sit down, relax for a minute. Next stop: food.

The boyfriend did research before leaving on what and where to eat. I appreciated that, because it was one less thing for me to do.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my trip where I dish on restaurants, the beach, Wet Willie’s, Ocean Dr., and more!

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