Tide Commercial – Washing Machine Cleaner

Tide’s current advertising campaign hits the mark with the right combination of humor, diversity, and appeal. Natural hair is all over their commercials and online copy (it may be present in print advertisements, too). Did Tide take a hint from Gain’s commercial with Tomiko Fraser Hines? *shrugs*

One focus of their campaign is advertising for the product, Tide Washing Machine Cleaner. Sound familiar? It may. I posted about another advertisement I found for this product last month.

Source: Tide

The newest commercial features another naturalista talking about a product designed to rid your washing machine of odor-causing residue. Check out a banner I found when perusing Tide’s website. How cute are this mother and daughter duo with natural hair?

Source: Tide

As seen on the YouTube page, Tide is also encouraging its consumers to “Break the rules of white, with Betty White”.

Source: Tide

White is the face of their new marketing campaign for Tide Boost Vivid White + Bright Pacs. Appearing in a live Facebook chat, White has been all over, making appearances and conducting interviews for her new campaign. The premise of the campaign is that there are unspoken “rules about what you shouldn’t do in white clothes. You shouldn’t change your oil in white clothes, you shouldn’t sit on the subway, you probably shouldn’t barbecue and by breaking the rules of white, you’re wearing them when you want to”, says Susan Young, a creative director at Saatchi & Saatchi. More details can be found in this New York Times article about the Tide advertising campaign.

The increasing popularity of natural hair in the media continues, as more companies, marketing agencies, and casting agencies use natural hair models in their commercials and advertisements. Check out this “Date Night” commercial. This commercial, which was conceptualized by Burrell Communications, offers another good example of multicultural marketing. Burrell Communications is a marketing agency that specializes in the African American market. As the Burrell Communications website says, the “My Tide” campaign aims to personalize the Tide brand by helping consumers understand which Tide variant is right for them through the use of realistic, personal stories. “Date Night” showcases the superior softness benefit of Tide plus a Touch of Downy through the voice of a good boyfriend”.

Here is the transcript from the commercial:

I try to be a good boyfriend, which means being a good listener. She told me Tide with Downy would make my shirt soft. And was she right? The proof is in the snoring. That’s my Tide. What’s yours?

Is the use of natural hair models/actors enough for you to try out a product?


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